Our Leadership

Dr. Ralph Sueppel is Macrosynergy’s Managing Director for Research and Trading Strategies, leading the development of the company’s quantamental system and tradable economics strategies. Ralph joined Macrosynergy in January 2018. From 2011 to 2017, Ralph was an Executive Member and Portfolio Manager at Graham Capital, managing capital in global derivatives markets across all asset classes based on a broad range of proprietary macro-systematic strategies. During his tenure at Graham Capital, Ralph created the Systemic Risk and Systematic Value Project (now Macrosynergy Research), a non-profit effort dedicated to educating the broader economic, investment and quant community on the merits of socially responsible macro trading strategies. Prior to Graham, Ralph was head of quant macro and algorithmic strategies at UBS AG, where he renovated and enhanced the systematic strategies for both the FICC and equities businesses. Before UBS, he worked as Senior Strategist and Portfolio Manager at BlueCrest Capital. Ralph began his career at J.P. Morgan in the 1990s and served in a brief assignment for the European Central Bank. Ralph earned his doctorate in economics and finance from the University of Bonn and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Mannheim.

Dr. Ralph Sueppel
Managing Director for Research & Trading Strategies