Seeing the forest through the trees

We visualize big picture macro themes by assembling relevant,
cleaned and curated macroeconomic data.

About us

Macrosynergy is a macroeconomic research and technology company.

Our quantitative-fundamental (quantamental) computing system tracks a broad range of real-time macroeconomic trends in developed and emerging countries, transforming them into macro systematic quantamental investment strategies.

Pioneers of quantamental macro trading strategies.

We see modern statistical learning and macroeconomic research as complementary and essential for efficient, ethical, and sustainable investment management.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to differentiate the signals from the noise.
By combining many decades of experience in financial markets with the scientific processing of macroeconomic data, we create value for asset owners and policymakers, allowing them to make informed decisions based on relevant data.

Macrosynergy’s quantamental computing system tracks macroeconomic trends across 40 countries, transforming macroeconomic data into tradable, investable strategies.

Our Approach

Tradable economics - unlike market prices - directly informs economic activity. They can be simple time series, official releases, or advanced indicators. Economic data becomes tradable through intuitive transformations, high quality controls, deploying point-in-time timestamps and applying strict out-of-sample estimation and construction decisions.