Our History

Macrosynergy embodies three decades of experience analyzing, processing and investing with macroeconomic data. We first started developing this technology in 2005, when Robert Enserro and Ralph Sueppel worked with Nikos Makris and Gavin Moule at BlueCrest Capital.

Macrosynergy was established in 2009 by Robert and Nikos, and the Macrosynergy Trading Fund, a global macro fund, was launched in January 2010. Macrosynergy grew the Trading Fund to peak assets under management of $950 million.

Justine Recordon joined Macrosynergy in 2014 to run the management company, and Lasse Simonsen joined Macrosynergy in 2016 to develop econometric models, quantitative risk management tools and statistical trading models.

Ralph re-united with Robert, Nikos and Gavin in January 2018, at which point the firm channelled some of its resources to re-develop the macro quantamental effort started in 2005. From mid-2018 we successfully incorporated the quantamental investment strategies and related trading signals into the Trading Fund’s mandate.

In January 2020, after ten years managing the Trading Fund, Nikos and Gavin stepped down from their roles as Macrosynergy’s Co-CIOs, and Macrosynergy returned capital from the Trading Fund to investors.

Since Ralph’s arrival at Macrosynergy, Ralph and Robert recognized that there was great potential for scaling the macro quantamental system and the firm’s tradable economics technology. In June 2020 Macrosynergy collaborated with J.P.Morgan to scale the quantamental system (“JPMaQS”) and to popularize tradable economics across financial markets. Over the last three years we have re-developed this technology that systematically transforms macroeconomic data across developed and emerging markets into macro systematic quantamental investment strategies.

Today Ralph and Lasse lead Macrosynergy’s quantamental research and development effort, while Robert remains responsible for the company’s strategic business development and Justine leads the firm’s operations.