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Macrosynergy is a London based macroeconomic research and technology company whose founders have developed and employed macro quantamental investment strategies in liquid, tradable asset classes, across many markets and for a variety of different factors to generate competitive, uncorrelated investment returns for institutional investors for more than seventeen years.

Our quantitative-fundamental (quantamental) computing system tracks a broad range of real-time macroeconomic trends in developed and emerging countries, transforming them into macro systematic quantamental investment strategies.

In June 2020 Macrosynery and J.P. Morgan started a collaboration to scale the quantamental system and to popularize tradable economics across financial markets.

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Macrosynergy Research (formerly SR-SV)

Macrosynergy Research, is dedicated to socially responsible macro trading strategies. Macro trading strategies are alternative investment management styles based on macroeconomic and policy trends. If the right principles and ethics are applied, social and economic benefits arise from an improved information value of market prices, increased efficiency of capital allocation and reduced risk of financial crises.

Macrosynergy Research (formerly SR-SV) is our sister, non-profit effort created by Ralph Sueppel in 2012.