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Dr. Lasse de la Porte Simonsen is Macrosynergy’s Director of Systems and Advanced Analytics with responsibilities for backend infrastructure, data processing and statistical workflows.

Lasse joined Macrosynergy in 2016 first as a consultant and later as a portfolio strategist, while finishing his doctorate in economics from Birkbeck, University of London. In his doctorate thesis Lasse focused on dealing with economic measurement and modelling of large and untidy datasets and building systematic systems to clean and process data. Part of this research was conducted during a PhD internship with the Bank of England in 2015. Lasse’s thesis was awarded the Phillip Powell award for best PhD thesis of 2019 in the school of Business, Economics, and Informatics at Birkbeck.

Dr. Lasse Simonsen
Director of Systems & Advanced Analytics

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Macrosynergy Research (formerly SR-SV)

Macrosynergy Research, is dedicated to socially responsible macro trading strategies. Macro trading strategies are alternative investment management styles based on macroeconomic and policy trends. If the right principles and ethics are applied, social and economic benefits arise from an improved information value of market prices, increased efficiency of capital allocation and reduced risk of financial crises.

Macrosynergy Research (formerly SR-SV) is our sister, non-profit effort created by Ralph Sueppel in 2012.