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Justine Recordon is Macrosynergy’s Chief Operating Officer. Justine joined Macrosynergy in January 2014 as Head of Finance and Human Talent. She is now responsible for Macrosynergy’s accounting, financial and management reporting, operations, IT, human talent and legal.

Justine started her career in audit and assurance with Coopers & Lybrand in 1991, after graduating from Durham University (UK). After completing her ACA in the Financial Services sector, she moved to the consultancy side of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) focusing on financial management, cost reductions, outsourcing and systems implementations for the Media and Entertainment Industry.  In 2001 Justine left and started a franchise business in the kids’ sector, which she left in 2005 to spend time with her young family. In 2012 Justine started working part-time with start-ups in financial and operational roles.

Justine Recordon
Chief Operating Officer

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Macrosynergy Research (formerly SR-SV)

Macrosynergy Research, is dedicated to socially responsible macro trading strategies. Macro trading strategies are alternative investment management styles based on macroeconomic and policy trends. If the right principles and ethics are applied, social and economic benefits arise from an improved information value of market prices, increased efficiency of capital allocation and reduced risk of financial crises.

Macrosynergy Research (formerly SR-SV) is our sister, non-profit effort created by Ralph Sueppel in 2012.